Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Superman & The Atom: Peril In A Very Small Place

Before DC Comics Presents came along, there was also a little period in World's Finest where Supes didn't just hang out with Bats every month, but had a few adventures with some of his other super-pals.
Like here, in this solid piece where he teams up with The Atom, to save a microscopic world existing in a telephone wire. There's some comedy, a nice bit of characterization as Atom sees Superman in a whole new light, and even a cameo from artists Dick Dillin & Joe Giella, suitably running a Metropolis art supply store. And we get to see what kind of music Clark likes.
I wonder who that cop giving Supes a hard time is though. He's not writer Elliot Maggin, but is clearly meant to be somebody. Anybody?


  1. The first superhero comic I ever bought was a World's Fines with Superman and the Atom, but it wasn't this one. This is a pretty cool little story.

  2. Julie Schwartz is the cop.

    Dick Dillin was being more innovative with his layouts as he went along. I recall this story, and really dug the Superman vow and how it was juxtaposed with the action. Great stuff

  3. Yeh, I was gonna go with Schwartz, but he looks a bit too young. I was hoping it was an actual cop Dick Dillin had an encounter with and immortalized out of resentment.

  4. Superman the hipster - "I listen to sonic flares from Polaris IV - you've probably never heard of them!"

  5. Tch. Shows how much you know, Supes. I've got all their albums!