Sunday, 22 October 2017

Hulk Comic: The Black Knight

Here's the real jewel of Hulk Comic, Steve Parkhouse's epic take on Arthurian superheroics and magical goings on in the English countryside.
This Black Knight may come as a stranger to American readers, having only a physical resemblance to the one we all know from The Avengers and The Defenders. Here, he's presented much more as a medieval, iconic figure, barely a human being at all.
But the best thing about this strip is it's absolute Britishness, both in the script and the art, and you can drink in the scenes of mysterious woods, spooky old cottages and ghost-haunted Tors. This is a strip dripping with atmosphere, and I love the idea that all this is happening in the hedgerows and fields of Cornwall, just out of sight of regular people.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Will Eisner's The Long Hit

Here's a pitch perfect short story from a master of the form, Will Eisner. It's about two retirees who meet on a bench in Florida, and find they have a past in common.
I like to think Will came up with the idea on that very same bench, enjoying his own retirement in the Sunshine State, but whatever, nobody could spin a yarn like Eisner.

Monday, 16 October 2017

The Man With Superman's Heart - Censored By The Comics Code Authority

Here's an odd one, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the story itself is completely whackadoo in the best late Silver / early Bronze Age tradition. Superman is dead, and presumably he's got an organ donor card, so there's some debate as to who should be the recipient of his bits and pieces.
At first, you do keep flipping back to the splash page to make sure you haven't missed that familiar caption stating ' Don't worry, readers, this is an imaginary story. It didn't happen, but what if it did?'
But no, this is actually occurring for real, so you're left with that old letdown plot-twist where it's all a scam by Supes for some lame reason he'll explain in the disappointing following issue. And sure enough, that's exactly what happens.
Still, it's all a lot of crazy fun while it's going on.
But just as interesting is the 2nd panel on p.6. Check it out, could Ross & Mike really not think of a Comics Code approved way to draw that panel? This is the only time I recall ever seeing something like this. How about you?